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January 2024

As we promised Hannah's poetry book was released on her birthday, December 1. And it placed top 100 on Amazon!   We are so excited to start off 2024 with the publication of Hannah's poetry, a project she began but unfortunately was not able to complete.


While Hannah isn't here to continue supporting people in person we will make sure her words live on in her writings, songs, and  her heartbreaking yet inspiring story. More to come...


Love and light,

Team Ohana

October 2023


We have lots of exciting news to report! "Listen to Her," a truly moving and heartfelt song, has just been released onto all major streaming services. Click on the link below to listen.  AND... the long awaited poetry book that Hannah always wanted to share with all of you will be available on Amazon on her birthday, December 1st. We couldn't be more excited to make her dream a reality. In Those Thoughts Hannah shared her most personal thoughts and stories so that others suffering as she did would feel less alone and more understood. Follow this page and her social media pages for sneak peaks of the book and its launch! 


Love and Light,

Team Ohana

July 2023


Wishing all of Ohana's fans  a wonderful summer! We are very busy here completing a book of poetry for all of you that Ohana had compiled. We should have this ready in the upcoming weeks. In the meantime, we are so excited to share "Run Away," the latest song that we have mastered! Enjoy!


Love and light,

Team Ohana

Run Away
Listen to Her

November 2023


Team Ohana is so excited to announce that for the first time Hannah’s poetry will be shared with the launch of her new poetry book, Those Thoughts. It will be available on Amazon on Hannah’s birthday, December 1, 2023! . This book is amazing, we know you'll love it!


Love and light,

Team Ohana

June 2023

We still receive numerous messages relaying  how Ohana understood and had so much empathy for others and was able to feel their pain. "Fool" is a song she recorded for a friend going through a difficult time. 

Love and Light,

Team Ohana


May 2023






Ohana Haas

The Tragic Death of a Promising Talent - Pt 1

The Pain Is Real

The Tragic Death of a Promising Talent - Pt 2

How We Are Becoming Unreal to Ourselves


April 20, 2023

As we remember Ohana’s short life and her incredible accomplishments, on the 3rd anniversary of her passing, we are so grateful to all who have continued to support her and us. We have released, on all major streaming services, many more songs in the past year and still have many more originals and covers to release! Here we are happy to share "Stone Cold."

We still hear from the many friends, family and others who dearly miss her. Please keep reaching out with your memories, thoughts, and

Also, please continue to follow Ohana to stay informed about new releases here and on Facebook, Instagram and all major streaming services.

Love and light,
Team Ohana

Stone Cold

April 2023

Since our last post we have found more and more songs that Ohana performed in her home music studio! Our team of incredible producers has brilliantly mastered these, allowing us to continue to bring her fans more treasured works such as "Memory."

Ohana offered so much to this world... compassion, kindness, empathy towards others. Her friends and fans continually reach out and tell us how much they miss her and how her songs still help them. We are so very grateful for all of the messages we continue to receive and are devoted to sharing all of Ohana's creative works for as long as we can. Please follow Ohana Haas on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and all major streaming services.

Love and Light,

Team Ohana

April 2022 

Two years ago we lost our beloved Hannah, also known as “Ohana”to her music fans. While we are still deeply mourning the loss, we are also able to celebrate her short but full life through cherished memories, her music, her writing, her art, and the tremendous positive impact that she had on others. 

Ohana is a special soul and we are determined to continue to keep her spirit and legacy alive. We are so thankful and touched by the number of  people who continue to reach out to us with fond memories of Ohana and accounts of how she helped them with their struggles even while she was experiencing her own.

We would be so grateful to hear more stories of special memories, stories, connections…how she impacted your life…what you miss about her…Please comment or DM on Ohana's Instagram or Facebook page...


Love and Light,

Team Ohana

Love Won't Keep You Home

24 February 2022

Wishing all of our friends and followers a Happy New Year from team Ohana! We begin 2022 with a growing and incredible team devoted to fulfilling Hannah's wishes to help others directly while also raising awareness of those struggling with mental health issues.  .  . We've continued to discover and compile an enormous and fabulous collection of Ohana's songs, lyrics, photographs, artwork, writings,  quotes...all of which allowed Hannah to cope, express herself, and ultimately share her experiences so others wouldn't feel alone.  

Please follow our frequent posts and invite your friends and family to join us as we embark on this journey together; to keep Hannah’s memory alive and fulfill the wishes she could not. 

A New Year's gift to you, Ohana's loyal followers:

Listen to  "Love Won't Keep You Home," the latest song to be mastered, right here even before it will appear on all streaming sites next month!  


-Team Ohana


27 September 2021

"And I - I'm sorry

I'm not who you want me to be

But I'm trying

So please don't give up on me" 


"Don't Give Up on Me", by our beloved Ohana, is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and Amazon Music.


Her legacy continues to inspire us. We hope that her music will inspire others who may be struggling with their own self-doubts and offer some insight to those who care about them.


Much love


Don't Give Up On Me

9 APRIL 2021

Greetings, all! 


We have something very special for you as April marks one year since we lost Hannah and also happens to be Mental Health Awareness Month. Hannah (Ohana) left behind a vault of multimedia material, the scope of which even we were unaware. We have re-mixed and released two of her tracks over the last year, the original composition “Running in the Dark” and a brilliant cover of the classic “Hallelujah." Her original producers Christian Josi and Tino Passante coordinated it all and recruited Grammy Award winning engineer Brian Chirlo to create the master. We recently brought that team back together with one important addition—legendary guitarist Sherrod Barnes, who has worked with legends/  from the late Whitney Houston and Natalie Cole to Christina Aguilera to Quincy Jones and so many more more—to re-tool and remix another original track, “Time Traveler.” We are so excited to share this with you. Sherrod’s masterful guitar and Ohana’s voice really come together in a magical way. To say we are grateful for his participation would be a massive understatement. 


In Ohana’s memory we continue to work on our longer-term goal of helping young people in emotional distress. You’ll be hearing a good deal about that from us in the months ahead so please do keep an eye on this space and on the newly designed website we have launched,,  with the help of our friends at Keith Ablow Creative.

We fully intend to make this effort real and impactful. She would expect nothing less of us. 


And as we approach an anniversary that crushes our hearts, we want to say we love you too…her friends, family and fans. Thank you for your commitment to her legacy and your many expressions of kindness toward us over the last year.  


Stay tuned. Please. The real work of helping people in Hannah’s memory is just getting started. 


Much love


Time Traveler



25 JANUARY 2021

Greetings, all—


We hope your 2021 is off to a good and healthy start. Today we are happy to launch this newly designed website from our friends at Keith Ablow Creative! Filled with new features and content and of course music (with more to come), we feel it is a great vehicle for us to help perpetuate Ohana’s legacy. Here we will launch new, re-mastered music from her vault, share her art and poetry, provide general updates and more. Most importantly, we will also use this space to help harness our resources so that young people in emotional distress can find help and hope. People just like Ohana. This, more than anything, is our true mission. 


So stay close—check this space, enjoy and share the music, and please sign up to receive updates in the box at the bottom of the page. The updates will always be relevant and they will be few and far between, we promise! And of course we will never, ever share your information with anyone. Ever.


Enjoy the new site. We are quite sure Ohana would approve of it and we are grateful for your continued support of her legacy. And by all means if you have any suggestions as to how we can make this site even better, please share them with us using the contact info below. We are always happy to hear from you. 


Until next time…


Love & Gratitude,





As we've teased we have a gift for you today, December 1st, for the holidays and to commemorate what would’ve been our sweet girl’s 21st birthday (and the anniversary of her debut album The Broken).  It’s free here for friends and family but is also available on the streaming/sales sites, so please spread the word!

2020 has been brutal on so many levels for so many of us. We share this track with you along with our love and our wishes that the sun begins to shine once again for us all--sooner rather than later.


Always love and light,



19 OCTOBER 2020

Greetings, friends—

We just wanted to say hello and give you a quick update. We have been working hard on building a foundation to honor Ohana’s memory in the form of a resource for young people who struggle with emotional issues. We also continue to catalogue the treasure trove of unreleased music, poetry and art that she left behind—much of it which we were previously unaware of. As we have mentioned before, our girl was prolific! 


Finally, we have a gift coming for you on December 1st to mark the holiday season and also to mark the one year anniversary of the release of The Broken. December 1st will also have been her 21st birthday. It will be a bittersweet day to say the least. So stay tuned. 


We hope your Summer was as good as it could have been in these strange times, and as always, we thank you for your continued interest in and support for Ohana’s legacy. Back to you soon. Be safe and well.

Love and Light,




Well, we said we had a gift for you and we do. 

Running In The Dark, by our beloved Ohana.

Wishing you all a wonderful, life and love filled holiday. Count your blessings and be safe. 


PS: More to come…

Running in The Dark

Greetings, family, friends and fans:

We had a wonderful memorial for our Hannah (Ohana) a few months back, and are working on something new for you for the holidays. On December 1, her birthday and the anniversary of the release of The Broken, we will be delivering to you something very special, which we are working very diligently on. The brilliant thing about Hannah is how prolific she was and we are finding things left and right, be it poetry or music, that she left us with which we had no idea about. None. It is a treasure trove! A vault! We miss her terribly, of course, but there is a joy in discovering these hidden gems, which we will continue to share. There is much to come, not just from her but from her foundation which is coming soon, so please stay tuned.

We love you.

Hannah loves you.



26 JULY 2020

We sadly but very proudly celebrated Our Girl’s life on Sunday, JULY 26, 2020, with her family at Temple and then had a party of epic proportions at their beautiful home.




16 JULY 2020


Friends, family, fans…your kind reactions to the new single and continued words of love have warmed our hearts…there are really no words to properly describe our gratitude to each one of you. Just know that Our Girl’s memory lives on and once we finally memorialize and celebrate her life later this month (Covid-willing), we will continue to release new material—songs, poetry, etc—and will launch the foundation in her name to help young people everywhere to thrive through pain and struggle via MUSIC and ART and WORDS. It will be a spectacular journey worthy of her spectacular soul, which remains with us all.

Love and Light, 


Ohana Window.jpeg
Ohana Haas.jpg

5 JUNE 2020


Hello, Everyone.


While it seems like forever since we lost our dearest Hannah (Ohana to many of you) it hasn’t even been two months. We, her family and her broader artistic team, continue to exist in a sort of fog that we would hope those reading this never know...but are certain that many do. 


We see, read, save and are deeply grateful for every single word of condolence and reflection that you write to us directly or post on social media. We beg you to know this and that, if a response doesn't come, it does not equate with ingratitude. This is just really, very hard and we are working through a huge archive of material that will be put to very good use. Plus, we are tired and we just plain miss her. We love you for it, though. More than typewritten words could possibly convey. 


And thank you for all the food and gifts. You know who you are. We are good with food and gifts for now. If Chris gets any more lasagna, we’re going to have a whole other issue on our hands.:)  We are focused on trying to heal. At least a little. At least enough to truly begin to formulate a plan to honor the story and the legacy of Ohana Haas and how to best continue the work that she was so focused on and with which she was communicating so very many good, helpful, healing and honest things. That was Our Girl. 


Please continue to share the music, and please continue to watch this space. As previously stated, she left us a map. A mandate. And, hopefully with your help, we will fulfill it. You will be delighted by what we are about to do in the name of Our Girl, Ohana Haas.


Love and light,


23 APRIL 2020 

With the heaviest of hearts, we need to share devastating news with you. Two days ago we lost our beautiful, brilliant, sweet Ohana (Hannah) to a freak and random accident. She was 20 years old. We don't have the words to convey how much we all loved her.


Those of you who knew her knew her deeply sensitive soul. She was a fragile being. Perhaps she was too sweet and innocent to endure the very harsh elements of our world, which seems to grow harsher by the day. Those of you who did not know her would need only to hear her poignant and deeply personal debut album "The Broken" (which she worked so hard on and has just come out) to understand. 


Perhaps adding more to the weight of the tragedy is the happy fact that she was fighting and she was showing signs of winning against searing emotional pain. The realization that she was gifted, that her music was beautiful, relatable and helpful to so many, and that she did have a role to play in this world--and a big one in creating and healing herself and others--gave her a level of strength and hope that she had never before known. Her moments of joy, though fleeting, were a beautiful thing to behold.


Hannah's music--her gift to us--lives and will live. Helps and will help. We will see to that. More importantly, her spirit endures. Watch this space for news of how we will, in her honor, help others just like her find peace in their hearts and purpose in their lives, whether it be through music or some other form of artistic expression.


In the meantime, if you are struggling, don't ever give up on yourself or the possibilities that await you even if you don't see them ahead. For they are indeed there. We've included some resource links below. 


We are mourning. Desperately so. But it is also clear to us that Hannah's short life has left us with instructions. And we will follow them. Together. In her name. For good.

Love and light,


Ohana Haas.jpg
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